Rooms with a view


I started teaching in a computerless era back in the early eighties of the previous century. For years I worked in the same school building, carrying books and teaching Dutch, the mother tongue of my students.

And then it happened: the BOMBputer, as I call it, came into my life and into my teaching and a new world opened up in World Wide Wonderland. I started travelling both virtually and physically. My professional network is not limited anymore to the colleagues of my school, but it spreads all over the world. Traces of my professional work can be found on the internet. I have become a 21st century learner and I enjoy it. I am roaming around and enter rooms that inspire me.

This blog is one of the many I created, but I want to make this a very special one. It will be one of travelling and coming home in rooms with a view.

Bart Verswijvel


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