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One of the things to look forward to when returning back to work after the Christmas holidays is the BETT Show, a huge 4-day event in London ExCel with hundreds of exhibitors presenting innovative ed tech.

I was surprised to see so many new companies that entered the market of education. Many of them offer so-called solutions, technology designed for specific learning activities or management. There are cloud solutions, solutions to involve parents, solutions for safe internet, solutions to store and sync tablets, you name it… The big players are there as well as smaller companies. I spent some time at stands with augmented reality and 3D.

The BETT does not only host a commercial exhibition but it also has a very elaborate educational programme with keynotes and speakers. I was lucky to get a seat at the BETT Arena for a keynote by Sir Ken Robinson, the famous education visionary. In his entertaining way he explained that education should be an experience of imagination, creativity and innovation. Tools are just tools. Education is not inside a piece of chalk or a piece of software. It are the musicians who make the music, not the instruments.

The BETT Show is also famous for its TeachMeet, an organised but informal meeting for teachers where they can share best practices, teaching innovations and experiences. Sir Ken Robinson was the first to take the floor and brought an ode to the profession of a teacher.

The next day, before taking back the Eurostar to Brussels, I made a lovely walk in the streets of London. I saw the amazing sculpture on the vacant fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square. Hahn/Cock is a huge blue cockerel, a piece of art by the German artist Katharina Fritsch. You can’t but get happy when you see it.

London will always be London. It is imagination, creativity and innovation.

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More Info: http://bit.ly/bettshow2015


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