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Last week I was like more than 500 other attendees present at the annual eTwinning Conference which took place in Rome. The conference theme was Opening Education – Innovation in teaching & learning.

The theme reflects my working area of the last years. I am not a teacher in a classroom anymore but involved in professional development for teachers who learn in communities.

At the conference I led a workshop on the use of Twitter in the Class & Staffroom. The setup was a bit special. Arjana Blazic co-presented with me from the USA through a video conferencing system. Together with the audience in Rome we also had teachers present online.

Twitter is honest and open. It is messy and democratic. It is a free world. We can’t build fences to select a certain group of our followers who can read our message. It is all or nothing. But despite its simplicity it is not always easy for newcomers to understand and manage the Twitter anarchy.

At the workshop Arjana and I gave some ideas of how to connect Twitter to education, both to the classroom practice as well as to the continuous professional development of the teacher. It is certainly a field we will further explore and share.

It was my 6th participation to the annual conference and it is always nice to meet people you know from previous face-to-face or online meetings. It is also great to meet new people. There were a lot of newcomers too, overwhelmed, opening their eyes and embracing the open world of teaching and learning with eTwinning.

eTwinning teachers keep on rocking.



Bart Verswijvel – @BartVerswijvel


Arjana Blazic – @abfromz


Conference Wrap-up video



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