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Azure Window


My professional duties  brought me to Malta and Gozo. My first stage was St. Julians where I attended the Esse conference for early school leavers. Unfortunately there is a large number of youngsters who don’t adapt to school life and who either skip classes or leave school before graduation. In different countries governments and institutions set up programs to deal with the problem. I know that the problem is complex and not easy to solve completely, but when a speaker mentioned that youngsters get motivation out of collaboration and project work, it sounded like music into my ears.

The next day I took the ferry to Gozo, the smaller island next to the main island of Malta. I was there to deliver a workshop at a 3-day seminar for eTwinning ambassadors. Meeting eTwinning teachers is always nice and inspiring. Ambassadors are educational frontrunners and they promote and support the eTwinning network in and outside their schools.

The venue was a hotel in Xaghra, an idyllic and typical small town of Gozo. The group of almost 60 ambassadors spent the days with a program of workshops tailored for their work. Even more important at these events is the interactive backchannel of networking amongst the participants. I am sure they will go back home full of energy to share the ideas of eTwinning collaboration and project work.

We all loved Gozo. Even though it was late October, it was still bathing in the sun and the warm temperatures most European countries only have in summer time. After the seminar we made a short tour on the island. In whatever direction we looked we saw the beautiful and many churches at a distance or close by.

And then there were the stunning views at the sea. We were at Azure Window, a limestone natural arch and a place never to forget.

This must be the ambition of education: give the students an Azure Window to the world and to their future lives.



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