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E-land Estonia


I was in Estonia, the country where the E has become a national identity. Estonia is the land where Skype was born and where society embraces new technology on all levels and in all domains.

It was no surprise that eTwinning Estonia organized a Professional Development Workshop on coding. More than 120 teachers from 22 countries attended workshops about different coding apps and software. At the same time they set up projects and embedded the coding activities in the eTwinning framework of collaborative and cross-curricular learning.

At the start of the event we attended an impressive keynote by Jürgo Preden about the Internet of Things. He described how we are and will surrounded by pervasive, ubiquitous computing that monitors our daily life. Our cities will become smarter by this invisible and seamless interaction between devices. On the other hand it is also scary to know that machines are taking over from man and that we will lose our privacy. Educators have a role to play and they have to be on the technology scene.

During my visit I also managed to pay a visit at the HITSA Future Classroom inspired by the FCL of European Schoolnet in Brussels. The classroom will soon be operational and will welcome Estonian teachers who will get inspiration here to take back to their own classroom.

Tallinn is a beautiful city. The historical old town is well preserved and certainly worth a visit. With the eTwinning colleagues we had dinner at Balthasar, the garlic restaurant.

E-land Estonia. With the E of excellent.

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