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I was in Lisbon again, for the 3rd time in one year. The University of Lisbon invited me to give a presentation about the Future Classroom Lab and the Future Classroom community. As many  institutes in Europe and in the world, the University of Lisbon got inspired by the Future Classroom Lab, the innovative learning space located in Brussels on the premises of European Schoolnet. The University of Lisbon wants to build a Future Classroom as well and integrate it in the curriculum of initial teacher training.

At the event I spoke to an audience of stakeholders and potential commercial partners. One of the key elements of a FCL like we have at European Schoolnet, is the ongoing dialogue with different stakeholders: industry partners, policy makers, educational institutes, Ministries of Education and of course the community of innovative educators. A Future Classroom, as we envision it, acts as a lighthouse and inspires educators in the area.

At European Schoolnet we have a blended communication model with our audience. First of all we welcome the many visitors and users of the lab in face-to-face encounters. Face-to-face meetings will remain very important but they have their limits. Therefore the Future Classroom is also becoming a brand for the online community of teachers who are or have been engaged in one of the projects of European Schoolnet.

I am convinced that the University of Lisbon will succeed and will soon have a learning space for trainings and for discussions and reflections about the future of education. For industry partners it will be a perfect occasion to disseminate and validate new technology in a real life learning context.

On my way back I took a picture of a quote on the walls of the metro station Cidade Universitária. It is the metro station students take every to go to the Univerdity of Lisbon.

This is the spirit of the lifelong learner. The Future Classroom belongs to citizens of the world.





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