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Living Schools Lab is a 2-year European project aiming at mainstreaming innovative practices in education, especially in the field of technology integration. Schools taking part involve all stakeholders within the school and they also connect to other schools from the same region as well as to other LSL schools in Europe.

This weekend Living Schools Lab organized a Summer School in Dublin and around 120 delegates took part. The participants presented their work and shared good practices.

I had the honour of taking care of a group of students who acted as journalists but they also played a role in the core discussion of the summer school. The Scoop Ducks, as I had called them, had started their own group blog some days before they came to Dublin and they also used a group account to send tweets.

During the whole 3 days of the conference we had the Italian students Chiara, Lorenzo, Gabriele and Andrea. On the opening day Courtney, Aoife, Sinéad, Sian and Magaret, all coming from Dublin, were present as well. The students did short interviews, made pictures and created and presented movie clips and slide shows. The Italian students also took part in the main programme and had panel discussions together with the teachers. They presented their 10 priorities for education and it really made an impression.

At the closing day Scoop Ducks stole hearts of the participants again with a fab farewell song. All participants agreed that the presence of the students at the Summer School gave wonderful dynamics to the conference.

Putting the kids on the stage, that is what education is about.


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More information: lsl.eun.org  – scoopducks.wordpress.com

Twitter: #LSL_EU


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