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Slovakia was not yet on my list of European countries I had visited before, but now it is.

I was in Bratislavia for 3 days and I enjoyed it. My primary mission was to attend the eTwinning Seminar but I had another appointment for starters. My friend Kornelia Lohynova invited me to attend an event organized by the students of her school, the Hotel Academy of Bratislava. The project was a wonderful example of entrepreneurship education. In 3 months’ time the students prepared and organized an event for more than 100 guests. They found sponsors, they found a venue, they arranged new outfits, they hired a popular presenter of a national radio station, and they prepared wonderful food and drinks.

So I went to the Holiday Inn hotel of Bratislava and I had a great night. We could taste the dishes and drinks, but the students also treated the audience with a line up of great entertainment acts with music, singing and dancing.

Students, parents, headmaster and teachers, they all looked proud and they had all the rights to be it.

At the eTwinning Seminar I delivered 2 workshop sessions. I will never get enough of meeting and teaching enthusiastic teachers, somehow entrepreneurs as well, managing eTwinning projects and a community of students and teachers.

The evening dinner of the eTwinning seminar took place on a boat at the Danube. The river makes you dream of travelling.

Bratislava is a lovely city. You see a rich history of many and diverse political histories. You see many young people in the streets.

They have all the rights to be proud.

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