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Less than one week after my visit to the Microsoft’s Global Forum in Barcelona I took again a plane to the sunny south of Europe. I was invited to represent European Schoolnet at the School on the Cloud project in Athens in Greece. School on the Cloud is a Europe funded project with more than 50 partners: schools, institutes and NGO’s. The aim of the project is to share expertise on organizing and implementing cloud based solutions. The 1st project summit took place in the very well-equipped Doukas school.

In the morning I gave a keynote and told the audience about my experiences as a secondary school teacher. Like many others I have seen the shift taking place of What You See Is What You Get classrooms to environments with an augmented reality. But the same transition took place in the staffroom as well. The cloud brought opportunities for Continuous Professional Development for teachers as they can connect in virtual networks.

The condition of having the benefits of the cloud is that you need to fly. Sometimes there is fear of flying, sometimes teachers don’t have access or don’t know how to reach the cloud.

In my workshop in the afternoon we explored some cloud-based applications. It was fun but the cloud was just a tiny bit… cloudy at a certain moment. Also this is a reality: fast internet is a priority and the school on the cloud is still an ongoing process.

I spent the morning of the next day in the city of Athens and I made a walk around Syntagma and Monasteraki. I enjoyed a Greek salad with retsina.

The Greek sun up in the air was as bright as could be. With the cloud the sky is the limit.

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