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Etwion is the latest educational project that Arjana Blazic and I developed. When the name Etwion was coined it referred to a 5-hour Twitter discussion marathon we organized for eTwinning teachers but also for anyone else interested. The event we held in December 2013 was so successful that we decided to keep the brand as a name for Continuing Professional Development for (eTwinning) teachers taking place on social media channels.

This time Arjana and I set up Etwion in Wonderland, a 10-day online Learning Event for 190 European eTwinning Teachers. As usual we built a Learning Lab platform with resources and descriptions of activities. For the deployment of the tasks the teachers went out to social media. We created a closed Facebook group but we also went to open air, especially on Twitter.

During the Learning Event the teachers explore from within the opportunities of social media for both students and teachers. The interconnection between staffroom and classroom is typical for eTwinning teachers. Teaching is learning and vice versa.

This is the third Learning Event Arjana and I organize, but this one is really special. We have never seen so much enthusiasm, so much creativity, so much innovative attitude. It’s a learning roller coaster. It’s a learning disco.

The climax of this learning party will be the 3-hour  #Etwion chat of Friday 7 March. Everybody in the virtual universe is welcome to join us on Twitter. The discussion topics will be chosen by the audience.

Let’s see if the internet is big enough for all of us.

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