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One of the benefits of living in a small country like Belgium is that is so easy and fast to go abroad… The longest distance between 2 Belgian cities is about 300 km.

So far some product information about my country.

Yesterday I took a train to the Netherlands. I went to Utrecht to see the Benelux finals of the First Lego League. About 50 teams of 10 members selected from regional pre-rounds took part. The competition consists of 3 parts. First of all the teams have to build and program their Mindstorm robots to carry out some missions on the tables within a limited time. Teams like the Brain Bots, the Red Tornados, the Atalanta Hazard Fighters competed in different rounds.

A second part of the competition is the presentation of a STEM project the schools have created over the past months. Within this year’s theme of Nature’s Fury they came up with technical solutions for the effects of earthquakes, tornados, floods, tsunami’s etc. The different teams developed higher thinking skills and studied phenomena of nature. They liaised with experts and institutes. At the presentation one of the girls said: “this is not a fairy tale. This is reality for the future. Watch out!”

Finally the teams also get a score on how they function as a team and also how they inspire other teams! One of the teams had a picture on their shirts of a class mate who hadn’t made it to the event because she had to undergo an operation. All day they carried a tablet and connected through Skype with the friend in hospital.

I was really impressed by this powerful and cheerful way of learning. The FLL puts the kids on the stage. This is cool. This is a bit of Rock & Roll.

Next year’s theme will be the Future Classroom.

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