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The Commitments


I spent the previous days in the London Microsoft headquarters and attended  a 3-day course on 21st Century Learning Design. I took part in the training Building Educator Capacity.

Adrian and Tracy were the facilitators and I especially liked the combination of some meta thinking and immersion. Learning by doing engages people. Experiencing the learning process from within gives you a full understanding. It makes you committed.

The group of European educators that attended the course was just great. The team work at the end of the last day resulted in some moments of magic that only teachers can produce.

On my last evening in London I treated myself to the musical The Commitments. I have read Roddy Doyle’s Barrytown trilogy. I have seen the film the Commitments. I am a fan.

The Commitments is a hilarious story about a bunch of working class Dublin youngsters who start a band to save soul music. They have arguments, they fight, they split up and re-unite again.

But they also collaborate, they share responsibilities, they all play their interdependent part.

Mustang Sally sounded brilliant.

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