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Stepping forward

stepping forward

I started this blog about 3 years ago. It is more or less my professional diary. The majority of the posts deal with travels or with special events I took part in or organized. I am quite sure I will be able to add more posts to the blog next year. 2014 looks promising.

With our small but hard working team of the National Support Service for eTwinning Belgium (Flanders) we will continue to support, expand and inspire the network of eTwinning teachers in Flanders. In March we will also be the host for a European Contact seminar in Antwerp. It is an event to look forward to.

The future for my other job at European Schoolnet looks promising as well. European Schoolnet is an organization of 30 Ministries of Education and the members of staff and experts come from many different countries in Europe. I love this international mix. I also love the mix of different projects I am involved with at EUN: Living Schools Lab, the Future Classroom, eTwinning, The European Schoolnet Academy etc. Most of the projects have a focus on Continuous Professional Development for teachers.

In my spare time I will be busy as well and be active with projects in the same field. There will be other social media events like the Etwion I organized with Arjana Blazic. I have some pending invitations as well for keynotes, consultancy and workshops.

I love this blurred wealth of opportunities, but they are not served on a plate, I can tell you. And sometimes things don’t go as you want. But that’s life. I enjoy it. I don’t want to move in circles but to step forward.

Each time I leave the Schuman train station in Brussels I see the statue that inspires me. The man has one foot on the ground. It’s his solid background, his expertise, his common sense.

The other foot reaches out to an adventurous future.

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