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I often call my friend Arjana Blazic my professional compagnon de route. Together we have been on the road so often with many different projects and yesterday we made a nice trip again. We organized and moderated the first Etwion, a 5-hour Continuous Professional Development Twitter Marathon.

The days before the actual event we interacted with our audience and introduced the event in our social networks. On the blog (etwion.tumblr.com) we created, we explained the procedure and provided some easy-to-follow steps for people who were new to Twitter. It was amazing to see how many Twitter newbies wanted to take part and created an account just for this event.

And then yesterday night at 6pm we went on air. During the 5-hour session Arjana and I kept in touch on Skype and discussed the questions and tweets we as moderators would send to spark the discussion. It all went well. It was wonderful to see how real communication took place in this at first sight chaotic universe of tweets.

So yes, we think it was a success. It is not easy, however, to monitor into detail how many educators were involved in this event. We know that around 150 different educators sent a tweet with the #etwion hashtag. We estimate that around 1700 tweets and retweets have been sent. But with events like these you also have the many lurkers who want to watch the show but prefer not to send a tweet, a retweet or a reply. And that is okay as well, of course.

We want to keep the Etwion brand in the future and reuse the hashtag for similar events and for CPD tweets that might be of interest to teachers inside and outside the eTwinning community.

We will be #back!

More info:

Tweet summary: chirpstory.com/li/177778

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Etwion blog: etwion.tumblr.com


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