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Networks are the new classrooms. Networks are the new teachers’ rooms.

We are all sentenced to lifelong learning and it is a gift for life. Yesterday I had the honour, for the 4th time already, to moderate an online professional discussion for teachers on Twitter. For my job I am involved in the Living Schools Lab project organized by European Schoolnet. The aim of the project is to mainstream expertise of innovative teaching in schools and countries in Europe. Advanced schools and advanced practitioners take a leading role in this process of upscaling.

Living Schools Lab wants to connect to a wide community of teachers and contribute to this virtual future room teachers’ room of continuous professional development.

Living Schools Lab adopted the Twitter discussions already taking place for some years in networks like Edchat and Edchatie. Every fortnight we organize a one hour discussion on a certain educational topic. Teachers find this discussion by searching for the hashtag #LSLCHAT. When they contribute to the discussion they add the same hashtag to their tweet. It is as easy as that.

Yesterday we had the discussion whether students could or should bring and use their own device in the classroom. I can tell you I was a very lively and interesting Twitter chat. Teachers posted the pros and cons, they mentioned the barriers and shared their expertise.

At the end of an LSLCHAT all tweets are chirpified and collected in an online summary. This means you can read all the tweets and have access to all the shared resources.

Keep an eye on the next  LSLCHATs. They will be announced on Twitter (#LSLCHAT or @bartverswijvel) or on the Living Schools Lab portal.

More information:

Living Schools Lab

Chirpstory: can/should students bring their own device?

Some resources shared during this session:

Microsoft whitepaper



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