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He’s here again. The man with a child in his eyes.

I was in Billund, Denmark for another eTwinning Professional Development Workshop. The seminar took place in Legoland and around 115 science teachers from 27 different countries took part.

The participants had a 3 day programme of keynotes, partner finding activities but above all… playful learning. My favourite toy of my youth, Lego bricks, played a predominant role during the PDW. There were workshops on Lego Mindstorms, Stop Motion. There were Lego board games, etc.

The seminar was not about Lego as such. It was about the pedagogical idea of learning as a creative process. Learning as a discovery, as an inquiry, as a social process as well. We can all be engineers. With this idea students are not just receivers anymore. They learn and teach. We must push for distributed expertise, Chris Rogers, one of the keynote speakers, said.

At the PDW we played the Lego duck game. All participants got the same set of bricks to create a duck. 115 ducks, yet all slightly different.

I love ducks. They fly to meet other ducks… in the cloud. To inspire and to get inspired. Yes, this is what eTwinning is about: it is about building and flying.

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