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Europeana Vienna


The first of my autumn trips of this year brought me to Vienna. I took part in the Europeana Creative Open Labs Design Session.

The Europeana project has built a portal to make Europe’s rich cultural heritage digitally accessible. Europeana Labs is a new project that focuses on the creative re-use of these cultural artefacts. It will provide the conditions and tools developers need to create new products like apps.

At the 2 day meeting I presented the Future Classroom Lab. European Schoolnet’s physical lab will play a role in the course of the European Labs project.

The meeting in Vienna took place in the wonderful National Library of Austria located in Hofburg, next to Albertina. Our postmodern workshop was embedded in a fabulous wealth of rich and beautiful history.

At the meeting I heard words like personas, branding, code, API, and scrum master. But I also smelled Vienna’s creative open labs of the past when I made a walk in the city.

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