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Future Classrooms Scenarios CPD

Throughout the year European Schoolnet is a company where you feel the heart of European education beating. The members of staff come from many different countries and then of course  there are the many European visitors coming to the office.

The past 3 weeks the Europe’s educational heart made a loud boom-boom-boom in Brussels. We had 3 successive 5-day Comenius in-service courses taking place in the Future Classroom Lab. In the beginning of the summer holiday we had a course on E-safety, followed by a course focusing on Interactive White Boards. Together with Will Ellis and Rute Baptista I co-led last week’s course on Future Classroom Scenarios. We had 26 participants coming from Norway, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Greece, UK, France, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Hungary and Switzerland.

The idea of the Future Classroom Scenarios course is to build on educational and societal trends  to create learning activities. Technology should be embedded in a meaningful context and learning activities need a 21st century skills quality control.

It was amazing to see how group dynamics worked in such a positive way. The participants were really talented, enthusiastic, cooperative and open-minded.  I am sure they will keep in touch after the course to share professional ideas and… the joy of learning.

I enjoyed last week’s scenario very much.

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