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eTwinning is the biggest community for schools in Europe with its 200000 teachers registered. The program is run by European Schoolnet in Brussels. All countries taking part in the program have their local National Support Services. The staff meetings generally take place in Brussels, but once a year we have a meeting outside the capital of Belgium and Europe. This time our Professional Development Workshop for members of the eTwinning National Support Services took place in Sommerøy, in the north of Norway.

Since the event took place in June, around midsummer, we didn’t see any darkness at all. I would say it was a brilliant idea. During the day we worked in plenary sessions and in smaller workshops. We want eTwinning to be better on all levels and we shared good practice. The innovation stream in eTwinning is not just top down but rather bottom up. In Sommerøy we had workshop leaders from many different eTwinning countries.

After the sessions of the day there was the period I use to call the night, but here it felt as a bonus day. In Sommerøy we took the time to meet and talk to colleagues in or outside one of the lovely cottages we were staying in. We climbed the mountain to have a stunning view and we sang songs.

After the conference the majority of the members spent an extra night in Tromsø and we continued the informal contacts.

This is what you could call recharging batteries.

I will never forget the days and the light of Sommerøy.

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