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Some weeks ago I got an invitation to be part of the Latina Post-IT international seminar taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania. And so I went.

At the Mykolas Romeris University I introduced European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab and I delivered a 3 day workshop for librarians and researchers. We had different tracks in the programme and mine was called Interact, Collaborate and Share. This year’s Latina seminar focused on the library and the librarians and how users build knowledge in this digital world.

At this moment researchers monitor the behaviour of students in the library of the Mykolas Romeris University. Do students work alone or in groups? Do they just read or write as well? Do they use digital devices or not and which ones? What type of resources do they prefer? Also by interviewing students the university wants to get input on the ongoing process of developing a strategy for the library of the future.

It is amazing to see how this idea of the future library connects to the ideas of the different learning zones in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels.  The new library must be versatile and flexible in many ways and give room for a wide range of skills. The new library is a place to consume and to produce, a place for professional development and collaboration. Also the role of the librarian will change. It will be a pro active coach who stimulates and teaches users to interact, produce and share.

I took on this role of pro active coach at the Latina Workshop and I enjoyed it. On the 3rd day of the course my students presented what they had learned. I can tell you: they made me proud.

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