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The classroom of the future is strongly connected to the future teachers’ room. The future teachers’ room consists of colleagues you meet face-to-face every day, but also of colleagues working in other schools spread all over the world. 21st century teachers build their Personal Learning Network of like-minded, passionate colleagues. They inspire and get inspired.

I was again happy to invite a group of these passionate connected educators at European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. Present was a group of Flemish and Dutch eTwinning ambassadors.

We spent 2 days on designing learning activity modules that could be incorporated in any subject, or, even better, in cross-curricular projects. We focused on 2 important components of 21st century learning: collaboration and assessment.

With eTwinning projects students collaborate with students from different countries using technology and communication media. It is a challenge to integrate high quality collaboration in your own class group but even more amongst students with different nationalities. In the Future Classroom Lab we tried to implement ideas from the Partners in Learning Network and ITL Research. High quality collaboration comes with shared responsibility, with integrating substantive decision making and interdependency of all group members.

21st century teachers also integrate formative assessment and various ways of peer-evaluation and self-reflection throughout the different stages of the project.

The eTwinning ambassadors seemed to enjoy their task to bring theory into practice and to create learning activity modules that will find the way to teaching practice. As influencers they will also inspire others.

Don’t worry: there was a social programme as well. We made a nice walk in the city of Brussels and ended up in the wonderful restaurant Les Brigittines. On the second we also visited the Europarlementarium, an interactive museum about the past and present of the European Union.

We learned, interacted, enjoyed. We felt the true spirit of the future teachers’ room.

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