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Sirikt: empowering people


For the second year in a row I had been invited to deliver a workshop at the Sirikt conference in Kransjka Gora, Slovenia. I love the venue, the atmosphere, the social interaction. I led a session about involving colleagues for e.g. eTwinning projects.

The Sirikt conference is in many ways unique. It is amazing that with a total population of just 2 million people more than 1000 teachers take part in  this 3-day event.  Sirikt combines several different initiatives for teachers into one powerful happening. In Slovenia the Ministry of Education also strongly supports schools and encourages them to create networks and hubs for ICT integration. For years now a master plan is being carried out  to enhance the e-competencies of teachers.

At Sirikt you meet happy teachers. They enjoy the social interaction and the wide range of professional input in the field of integration of new technology. Like me they also appreciate the professionalism of this paperless conference.

Next to the plenary sessions and the workshops, the conference hosted an exhibition were industry partners demonstrated their technology. One event I liked very much was the live demonstration in a pedagogical context. In a big hall simultaneously 10 interactive lessons took part. Visitors could actively take part in one or more classroom activities.

In the end new technology should lead to empowering students and teachers, to empowering … citizens. In Slovenia all stakeholders share this common goal.

What I also liked: Ljubljana Airport has free Wi-Fi.

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