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Last Sunday I arrived in the late afternoon in Lisbon. I joined the rest of the staff organizing the Living Schools Lab Advanced Practitioner Workshop.

Living Schools Lab is a European project run by European Schoolnet. It aims at upscaling good practice in the field of ICT integration. Innovation can be instigated by individual teachers, by the school board or by the Ministry of Education. Preferably these actors share a common vision for the future of education.

Every country has some advanced school where a majority of teachers has integrated ICT in the daily practice of teaching. Most schools, however, are not yet that far. In these schools you have a limited group of frontrunners, sometimes lonesome cowboys, who embrace and integrate technology.

The workshop in Lisbon aimed at these Advanced Practitioners Schools where a large group of colleagues prefer to stay in the comfort zone of traditional teaching. The Living Schools Lab project wants to create regional hubs in the countries taking part in the project. In these hubs Advanced schools and Advanced Practitioner Schools will connect and share their expertise.

In the upscaling process of ICT innovation the leadership of headmasters and advanced teachers is crucial. The 2 day workshop with 80 participants from 11 countries focused on this leadership.

I was so happy that the hotel was situated in an area of Lisbon I hadn’t seen before. It was located at Expo Area. The marvelous buildings around the metro station of Oriente, the view on the Vasco Da Gama bridge at the water front… I just loved it.

I even liked the shopping mall. Can you imagine?

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