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Quality Time in Denmark

Back home from a 9-day visit to Denmark. I was on a trip with my family to visit our youngest daughter who is staying there for a gap year between high school and university. It was the best choice of her life, she says. But it has been hard as well. Learning a new language, finding her space in a host family, a new school, a new community. She was just 17 when she left and now, almost 9 months later, she is stronger and richer in many ways.

During the past week we spent our time in a lovely cottage at the seaside in Norsminde and we spoilt our daughter and ourselves… We met the fantastic host family in Tranbjerg and we visited Aarhus. Our daughter showed us her school and led us around in the city. It was a week of quality time. We made walks alongside the sea and the fjord, we played board games. It was hyggelig as the Danish would say.

A must see in Aarhus is the Aros museum. The collection of modern art is presented in a clever, playful, light way and the building is a masterpiece.

Visitors of the Aros museum can climb to the roof top and walk in a rainbow. They can look at the city and the world and enjoy its colours.

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