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Teaching is a Learning Odyssey

The annual eTwinning Conference took place in Lisbon this year. About 500 delegates participated in the event that took place in Hotel Corinthia.

It struck me again how the real and the virtual world can harmonize. It was wonderful to meet people you know for long… for the first time. Even more wonderful, of course, was to meet people again for the second, third or fourth time… Face to face contacts will always be the best, but I enjoy the social web every day. It will also help me with my fado of having to leave behind the lovely time I had in Lisbon. After the conference the participants took flights home and went back to cities spread all over Europe. At the same time they could say: I will be back to you… tomorrow.

I have been saying longer than today that eTwinning projects offer the perfect pedagogical framework for 21 century learning. At the conference Arjana Blazic, my compagnon de route in many professional projects, and I delivered 2 workshops about the pedagogical value of eTwinning projects. We highlighted 4 interrelated pedagogical pillars and made the transfer to digital tools.

eTwinning projects are like boats. They carry a rich freight of boxes full of new learning. Teaching is a permanent Learning Odyssey. It is an adventure to discover the pedagogical Terra Nova and to take new boxes on board.

The harbour of Lisbon was the place where so many odysseys started. The sailors came back with knowledge that made sense. They brought us spices to season our daily food.

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Odysseus goes Portugal – Arjana Blazic


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