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I was in Oslo for 3 nights. I saw the building where every year on the 10th of December the Nobel Prize for Peace is awarded. This year the European Union got the honour and I think it was well deserved. Despite some economic and nationalistic issues Europe is still an area of peace and civilization. 2013 will be the year of European Citizens.

I was in Oslo for an eTwinning Contact Seminar. We had participants coming from Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Each time I am at a similar event I am amazed how these 3 days can have such an impact on people.

I gave a keynote on how my professional life as a teacher drastically changed when I started taking part in networks for teachers like eTwinning and Partners in Learning. International collaboration has so many pedagogical and other benefits for both teachers and students. It certainly also contributes to the European ideals of civilization and citizenship.

At this contact seminar the teachers interacted, learned and created. They expanded their teachers’ room and found partners to run a project together. Over the next months their students will have a classroom without walls and they will broaden their view on society.

The conference venue was just fantastic. The hotel was located on a hill overlooking the city of Oslo that was covered with idyllic snow.

In Oslo I saw The Scream and the fabulous Opera house. We also made a walk in Vigeland park and we saw the work of sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). In this place you just smell the European ideals of brotherhood, peace, civilization and citizenship. The many wonderful sculptures in the park portrait the cycle of life. Vigeland also designed the Nobel Peace Prize medal.

I think we all fell in love with Oslo.

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