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From time to time I get the opportunity to travel to other European countries. Very often Europe comes to me. Not surprising when you have a job at European Schoolnet in Brussels.

The previous days I had 33 European teachers in my class at the Future Classroom Lab. They came from Austria, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Portugal. Yes, I am a lucky man to be able to work with this magnificent blend of passionate educators.

Just after the course one of the participants sent a beautiful tweet and gave a summary of the eTwinning in the Future Classroom course:


Home after a very successful trip to Brussels for #etwinfcl, learned loads, met great people & feel more positive about technology+ education

Positive is the word… This tweet expresses the feeling of being connected. It expresses the idea that technology should be embedded. The Future Classroom Lab wants to give these frameworks of people and of rich learning.

As a course leader I want the participants to go home with morning after skills: skills and ideas that teachers can put into practice the next day. Compare it with presents you bring home from a journey to make people happy who left behind.

But of course we also want long term change. Teachers who come back from the course very often start the second part of their career with this new view and attitude on teaching and the feeling of being connected to inspiring colleagues. I can tell from my own experience that active participation in networks like eTwinning and Partners in Learning leads to Continuing Professional Development of the best kind.

The special thing about taking a course in the Future Classroom Lab is that teachers can set their hands to a wide range of hardware and software. When going back to school they have a strong view on investments school should do.

At the course I gave three volunteers the same set of Lego bricks. I asked them to build a duck and they all managed. The teachers created three slightly different ducks, though. Adding a portion of freedom to learning is a way to engage students.. and teachers. And it result is a magnificent blend.

This tweet by ‏@Irishmarinelife made the whole FCL team happy.

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