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Super Saturday

Sometimes things turn out in reality as in your wildest dreams. It happened with the 3rd Online TeachMeet International we had last Saturday.

The concept of this TeachMeet is simple. Any teacher who enrols can share a pedagogical idea or good practice and gets the virtual floor in the Adobe room for 3 minutes. The audience consists of other speakers but also of guests who want to join the event. And the idea  works. About 50 people from all over the world were present yesterday and it was just magic. The choice and the level of topics was superb. Flipping over from side of the globe to the other brought this special feeling of having the whole wide world in our hands.

TeachMeet in the way we organize them are very interactive. The hosts have a small chat with the speakers before and after their contribution, but more important are the comments of the audience.There is the chat box in the Adobe room and there are the many #TMintl tweets  flashing through the educational universe.

So it was super. Arjana, my wonderful co-host, wrote in her blog post that these two hours of pure enthusiasm, passion and inspiration shared by 50 amazing educators will keep her going for the rest of this school year.

[photo by Sonja Lušić Radošević]

TeachMeet International

Resources by Shelly Terrell


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