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The age of enthusiasm

Yesterday on the last school holiday I spent a sunny afternoon at the Royal Castle in Brussels. Together with some 800 people I was invited to a garden Party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Queen Paola Foundation. The people present were just a small fraction of people affected by the foundation over the past years.

As I wrote before the Queen Paola Foundation takes the daily work of teachers seriously and also appreciates and supports youngsters. So as expected the Garden Party was one in style, perfectly organized and above all it put young enthusiastic pupils and students in the spotlights. Spread all over the huge garden we saw young performers singing, playing music, dancing, acting. The members of the royal family took part in the event as well and as they walked through the garden they interacted with the visitors.

After the garden programme we all gathered in the Orangery for the celebration. In his opening speech baron Bernard de Traux de Wardin said that 20 years is the age of enthusiasm. I understood that as a teacher we must never lose this young spirit. We must feed this attitude by giving our heart and energy for our students, because then you get back a lot.

There was also the well known choir Scala singing some moving songs and of course Queen Paola gave a speech as well. I think she was really proud.

At the end there was a nice reception. We toasted on another 20 years of the Queen Paola Foundation and on infinite years of enthusiasm in education.

Today schools in Belgium restart after the summer break.

Ik hou van u. Je t’aime tu sais.

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