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Fons Sapientiae

I spent the past week in Leuven, my long time ago student’s town. Although I go to Leuven regularly, I could now take the time to read the city and compare with the time I lived here.

Leuven is a clever town. It has found the right balance between the past and the future. The university was founded in 1425 and the Stella Artois brewery goes back to 1366. The city is full of old buildings, but next to it there is modern architecture and art that is in harmony with the traces of the past. And the city is alive, even during the holidays when the majority of the students is not in town.

I participated in a course on Video Supporting Lifelong Learning. We stayed in the beautiful Institute for Ireland in Europe, close to the Old Market of Leuven. I must say the course was clever and well balanced as well. We had great theoretical input as well as challenging hands-on activities. In groups of 4 we explored the city to make an educational clip.

Our group focused on the transition of past, present and future. We made a kind of critical thinking walk amidst old and new buildings and pieces of art. We wondered how we will build knowledge in the future and how we will communicate. Will there still be room for books? What will be our fons sapientiae?

Using the video camera I saw that Leuven is a city with a view.

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