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Water and wind in Romania

The nice thing about working for a European organization is that staff meetings take place in… Europe. The previous days most of the members of the National Support Services for eTwinning were present in Romania. We spent 3 days on a professional development workshop in sunny Sinaia.

Together with Rosario Ortega, a Spanish NSS colleague, I contributed to the program with an ICT workshop. The crazy thing was that we had never met before and that we had prepared the workshop online, using some of the tools our workshop was about. We called our session Feng Shui for online collaborative work. We used 8 keywords to group and identify the different tools we presented: trust, open mindedness, commitment, team-spirit, tenacity, support, cooperation and flexibility. It was of course a gimmick to attract the attention of our audience, but on the other hand this cross over really made sense. The course members will continue the hands-on session over the next weeks… in the cloud.

The last evening of our stay in Romania we also had a very nice social event in Brasov with live music, a nice dinner and lots of team-spirit.

I will keep the lovely memories of this trip in my open mind.

The pictures I took I will store in … the SkyDrive.

In the cloud we trust.

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