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Queen Paola Prize for Education

Belgium is a small country but from time to time you don’t need a magnifying glass to find us. Sometimes we are really big. Like yesterday when we had the award ceremony of the Queen Paola Prize for Education. This year the competition was dedicated to primary school projects. Teachers and pupils of the winning entries were invited by HM the Queen to the beautiful greenhouses of the Royal Castle in Brussels.

This very stylish and classy ceremony expresses huge respect of the Court and the highest authorities of our country for the daily work of teachers in the classroom. It also expresses  huge respect for the pupils, for the future of Belgium.

Also present were the Ministers of Education of the Flemish, French and German speaking communities. There was a mix of languages when the projects were presented, but all the people present shared the passion for education. They were all proud to be part of their school.

A country that takes education seriously, grows. No magnifying glasses needed.

The prize winners

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