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Kites and parasols

I spent 2 days at the Dutch seaside. About 20 Flemish and Dutch eTwinning ambassadors had gathered in Vlissingen. Together with the Dutch eTwinning coordinators we had prepared a program for this mini conference. We took 2 symbols of the seaside as a theme for our seminar: kites and parasols.

eTwinning ambassadors are often frontrunners as I wrote before. They hope some of their colleagues at school follow the road to pedagogical innovation, but that seems to be not that easy. At the seminar the participants shared tips and tricks to get colleagues on board. One of the ways is to open your umbrella, or why not a parasol, to create a feeling of safety. Innovative teachers should provide a sunshade, a comfort zone in which newcomers can grow.

We also shared ideas to promote eTwinning at school. eTwinning projects should not be kept a secret. The participants shared ideas to disseminate eTwinning by attaching virtual kites to it which can be seen by everyone in the school community.

At the seminar we had a workshop on creating movie clips. Short teaser video clips can be very powerful and attractive kites.

And we made real kites as well. Colourful, creative and high quality ones.

Rough winds did shake the darling buds of June and the eTwinning kites went up high in the sky.

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