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eTwinning in the Future Classroom

Over the past two days I gave a course in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. It was a workshop on how to create a rich online collaboration project with real life topics integrating cross curricular subjects, with ICT that gives an added value, with creative and communicative challenges.

23 eTwinning teachers from all over Europe had come to the workshop. Some of them were the prize winners of the European eTwinning awards of this year. All the participants considered it a gift to collaborate for 2 days and to be creative in the inspiring space of the Future Classroom Lab.

The Future Classroom Lab was also the Future Teachers Room. All these teachers have created over the years an extension to the teachers room they have at their school. The extension is their PLN, their network of colleagues all over Europe and the world. The extended teachers room has become the main source of professional development.

From time to time it is nice to meet a colleague from that virtual part of the teachers room in real life. And why not in the Future Classroom Lab? Two days of sharing the same passion with colleagues who want to bring future teaching into practice now.

eTwinning teachers are quite often frontrunners in pedagogical innovation.

In practice, not just in theory.

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