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Democratic Lagoon

I spent 7 days in Iceland on invitation of the Council of Europe. Together with some 25 educators from all over Europe, I attended a seminar on democracy and human rights. We had a programme of inspiring lecturers, discussions and school visits.

Iceland is the cradle of institutionalized democracy with a parliament founded in 930. It is the perfect place to disseminate the key values of Europe: freedom, respect and justice.

And then there was… Iceland. Nature is still predominant here. Also powerful and to be treated with respect. At the same time it is generous as its soil gives hot water and energy for free.

My body and soul enjoyed the heavenly Blue Lagoon and the breathtaking scenery of the Golden Circle.

The town of Reykjavik is a young city. You won’t find any old buildings here, but colourful, modern houses and offices. And there is one absolute beauty. It is a pearl, a diamond. The new concert hall in the harbour of Reykjavik is absolutely a must see.

With some friends I went to La Bohème. Puccini’s opera with the story of the main character Mimi, brought to life by marvelous singers and musicians, will be forever connected to Iceland.

Mimi: powerful, to be treated with respect, but giving warmth and energy for life.                                    

Iceland made me happy.

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