Rooms with a view

Classroom without walls

The eTwinning conference took place in Berlin this year. 500 teachers spent 3 wonderful days in and out hotel Berlin Berlin with keynotes, workshops and inspirational informal interaction. What town could have been more symbolic to host a conference for teachers who love teaching in a classroom without walls.

The conference theme this year was school teams. Although we still have many schools with lonesome cowboys or individual knights going out on a quest of educational innovation, more and more schools create grass root networks where teachers connect, share, support and interact. It is very hopeful that a lot of these teams get recognition from school boards. Policy makers more and more face the reality that social networks of all types will offer the framework for professional development.

I love telling the story of my school with some fantastic teachers who grow as a team. At the conference in Berlin I led 2 workshops and I presented the success story of the eTwinning team.

The plenary at the end of the conference was an interactive session and one of the topics was the Classroom of the Future. It will have to be a space with room for informal and flexible learning, with room for different learning styles and technology enhanced learning.

I am convinced that eTwinning projects smoothly match with future learning scenarios.

eTwinning projects turn classrooms into rooms with a view.

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