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Back home after a short but lovely trip to Slovenia. I was a lecturer at Sirikt 2012, a huge conference about ICT integration and innovation in education.

Slovenia is a small country with a population of just 2 million people but still this 3-day conference welcomed 1300 participants. Slovenia has found a way to harmonize educational progress and to involve all stakeholders in this process.

The majority of the participants stay overnight in one of the hotels of the beautiful ski resort Kransjka Gora. People of industry, policy makers and of course teachers blend in formal and informal settings of learning.

I led a workshop with the title Collaboration Snacks. The menu contained about 15 digital tools that can be used to integrate 21st century collaboration skills. I showed some elements of the Learning suite and saw the happy faces of people discovering a nice surprise.

At night I attended a prize giving gala. Several competitions in the educational field awarded their winners in this same big event. And also important: there were also students on the stage.

I enjoyed being present at Sirikt 2012. I want to be back.

Sirikt 2012

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