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In March I have a busy travel programme. I will attend 3 conferences outside Belgium.

The past 3 days I spent in Aachen – Germany on an eTwinning contact seminar. It was a transborder event and the neighbouring countries that had sent teachers were Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, UK, France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

It is amazing how people get involved after being together for just a few days. We invited pairs of 2 teachers from the same school. We believe that dissemination has better chances when there’s collegial support from the very start. We offered a programme of several ingredients that lead to a nice taste of what eTwinning has to offer. At the end of the seminar most participants had started cooking themselves and the new project partners presented their future plans for online collaboration.

In Aachen I gave a keynote on building an eTwinning team at school. I like to promote the power of the eTwinning network. I will be also be in Berlin with my story at the end of the month.

Aachen is the town where Charlemagne has been buried. After the conference I had some time to visit the Dome. I may be mistaken, but I am almost sure I heard a whisper from the tomb saying that eTwinning has it all.

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