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The flipped living room

Meet the world, let them know it’s Teachmeet time.

It was Teachmeet time indeed. We had around 30 speakers on our playlist, coming from all parts of the world. All of them had prepared a 3-minute presentation on an educational topic and they spoke about it with passion.

In the beginning of the session we had some technical problems. Slides took change into their own hands and sound was mute when not expected. But soon everything turned out right and we smoothly went through our programme.

Alongside the talks of the presenters attendees communicated and shared their views using Twitter and the back channel chat.

As a co-host I had the privilege to have face to face talks with all the speakers and I had my friendly monster bell to remind them when the 3 minutes were over.

I enjoyed these virtual visits and the taste of the learning snacks was just lovely.

It was all so.. real!



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