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The floor is theirs

It was Safer Internet Day last Tuesday and on that day we had our first Studentsmeet. 10 schools coming from 7 different countries took part in this online event. We had about 30 youngsters that gave a short online presentation and many more were present either in one of the schools or at home attending the video conference.

The aim of this project is to give young people a voice and to let them share their 21 Century world with peers all over the world. Most of the presentations of this first edition dealt with ICT and multimedia. The message was that internet has become a natural environment with the same mechanisms as the real world. But there was also a presentation about globalization and one boy presented the voluntary work he did during the summer holidays. No, today’s youth has not lost contact with the real world.

In the next weeks we will add more pictures, videos and other sorts of interaction on our project website. What struck me was that also youngsters wanted to download each other’s presentations. Professional development can start at an early age. Also local teachers were surprised by the side effects of this event and new ideas popped up. Learning never stops.

We must take young people seriously.

The floor is theirs.




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