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Judgement day

I like judging projects. So I was happy with the invitation to be part of the jury of the competition Microsoft Partners in Learning organizes for innovative teachers.

The 5 finalists we selected had been invited to give a presentation at the Executive Briefing Center in Brussels. I must say I was surprised in the most positive way. What struck me was that all the teachers seemed to share a common view on learning. They all took their pupils seriously. In their projects they all gave the students the responsibility to take learning into their own hands. The teachers succeed in creating a natural commitment. Learning is no longer restricted to the hours spent at school. It has even become a way of expressing your own personality. ICT integration plays a very important role in this view.

I saw happy people. The teachers felt proud to be on a forum to share their ideas and to meet other 21st Century teachers.

I know the feeling. On a similar Wednesday afternoon some years ago the second part of my career started, thanks to Partners in Learning. I am quite sure the teachers I saw today will be boosted like hell. Learning and teaching are twins. Passion and commitment also.

The winner, Bram Faems, will be sent to the European Forum next month. He will have to face more judges.

But above all he will learn, connect, collaborate, discover and enjoy.


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