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Swinging education

Today I went to Hasselt and I saw 21st Century Learning at its best.

The students of eTwinning teacher Anke Van Roy conducted a science experiment in the new entrance hall of the Virga-Jessecollege. A heavy, metal ball connected to a cable of more than 11 meters was swinging from one side from the hall to the other and back, and back again.. The students observed, measured, discussed.

In this project a Spanish partner school has made a similar pendulum. Since Spain is closer to the equator the outcomes of the experiment should be different. The students of the 2 schools will share their data and communicate about it in English.

I saw proud students that were very committed, who took initiative and expressed ownership of learning. They collaborated and they used different sorts of technological devices. This project is embedded in a context of real life.

I guess there must be a sentence in the curriculum saying that a science teacher must deal with topics as gravity and Foucault’ s pendulum. There’s many ways to deal with it and I must say I saw a very rich way of learning today.

I like the pendulum. It is a symbol of dialogue, and that is how education should be.

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