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The previous days London formed the scenery of my road movie of professional development.

After my days at BETT I went to the Headquarters of Microsoft yesterday. I was happy to enter that building once again. I was here before and in fact this visit was the start of my Teacher in Residence blog. The header photo on top is a part of this beautiful, modern building.

I took part in a one day training for teachers and educators. On the menu were Learning Snacks, short presentations about different topics. Partners in Learning just launched a very promising worldwide platform for teachers. If you are interested in 21st Century Learning and ICT integration, just register for free.

Today my trip to the British capital ended with a nice walk on this sunny and quiet Saturday morning. I went to the Houses of Parliament and I had the opportunity to go inside. It was just wonderful, I must say. Not only the House of Lords and the House of Commons were impressive, but also the many other rooms that express the rich history of England and Great Britain.

One of the frescos of the palace showed the Embarkation of the Pilgrim Fathers to New England. Travelling to discover. They must have been partners in learning.

But now back to Belgium. Work is waiting and there’s a lot on my plate.




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