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Teach and meet the world

Next Saturday I will have more than 25 visitors coming to my house. The visitors come from 15 different countries and they are from the 5 continents of the world. They are all teachers and they have a great story to tell. Doesn’t this sound amazing?

We are having our first virtual teachmeet. All the participants will give a micro presentation of about 3 minutes.. right from their own desk at home. We are all connected through Microsoft Live Meeting service.

I think this is how technology is used for the best. It unites people and it is a great opportunity for life long learning. I am sure we will end the afternoon with new views, new ideas, and new and interesting contacts.

My project partner Arjana Blazic, the initiator of the event, and I never could have imagined that so many teachers would enroll. Let’s hope everything will work out as planned.

I am ready to meet the world… and learn.


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