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When I go to Brussels for my job at eTwinning I take an early morning train at the railway station of SKW. Like the majority of the commuters I wait in my car until the train arrives. It is very convenient that the parking lot is just next to the train platform.

I enjoy these early moments of the day, just before the arrival of the train. The music in my car comes from Klara, Flanders’ Classical Radio. For me this is the perfect start of the day. It makes me Zen. Sometimes I hope the train is delayed.. and it often is.

Today Haydn’s Kaizer’s Quartet was in the background when I looked outside the window of my car. It felt like the opening scene of a movie. It turned banality into poetry. I felt like an emperor on a throne.

This made my day, even before it started. I liked this sneak preview.

The movie of the day was nice as well. I am happy that Joseph Haydn was part of the cast.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYLiqAQC width=”440″ height=”350″]


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