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Media & Learning 2011

November is conference month for me. Today and tomorrow (24-25 November 2011) we have the Media & Learning conference in Brussels, which takes place in the Headquarters of the Ministry of Education, the building where I am based for my job at eTwinning.

I was on the speakers list today with a presentation about my TeacherAid project. I am proud that the project I started 3 years ago is still running well at my school. The core activity of the project is the organization of in-service trainings for teachers, run by the students. The students also contributed to today’s presentation and they really did us proud! The students of the Immaculata Instituut spoke fluent, natural English and they were to the point with a great sense of humor as well. They acted like real pros.

The attendees, coming from all over the world, asked a lot of questions. They were amazed by the fact that changing the roles in a school environment seems to be so beneficiary to a school organization.

I showed the audience a picture of the grid pattern on the floor of old school, where students were put in individual boxes they were not supposed to leave. I made it clear that collaboration and getting connected is the way we learn in this century and that this learning is a life long activity.

It was fun!



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