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eTwinning Contact Seminar Brussels

The past 3 days the Belgian National Support Services for eTwinning organized a Contact Seminar for beginning eTwinning teachers. We were very happy to host this conference in the city centre of Brussels and we had attendees from 24 different European countries.

Many of the teachers told me they were a bit anxious to leave the safe comfort zone of predictable daily life to go out on this quest to meet European colleagues and to set up online collaboration with other teachers and students

We offered the teachers a programme of technical and inspirational workshops and we stimulated interaction between the participants. At the end of the seminar we presented the very successful results of this educational dating and we got so much warm feedback from the attendees telling that a new world had opened up.

The social programme was also something to be proud of. We had live music on our opening day and the next day we had a reception in the city hall of Brussels and we went to a restaurant on the Grand place.

I still remember when the second part of my career started when I was on my first European seminar some years ago. I am glad to be in the position now that I can contribute to give this unique feeling to other teachers.

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