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One of the best things that ever happened in my professional life was that I once took part in the competition that Microsoft organizes for Innovative Teachers. When I was selected for the 2nd round, I was invited to present my project at the Executive Briefing Center (or School Technology Innovation Center) in Brussels. Since then I have been several times in the building, located in the European Square of our capital. Each time these visits make me happy because I meet people that share the same passion of ICT integration.

About 3 years after my first visit I was here today in a professional role. I have been asked to moderate a user group of educators that wants to take initiative to change things in Flanders. All attendees of the kick off meeting of the Network Partners in Learning shared the view that ICT is not integrated as it should be.

As teacher in residence I presented 2 tools that educators and institutes can use to screen innovative teaching practices and 21st Century Skills. We also introduced the new teachers competition and presented a preview of the Learning Suite.

Finally we outlined the aims of this user group and the possible roles of the future participants. The next step will be to set up a structure and to define one or more action plans.

So, it will be filling the room with a view, and go for it, to make change happen.


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