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Today I left the Ministry building around lunchtime to take a train that would bring me to Namur. I went to pay a visit to the Salon Education EDUC.

Compared to Belgian standards, this is a very big event. Everybody related to the educational industry is present here. You find schoolbooks, ICT-applications and interactive boards. Next to it there are stands of museums, destinations for school trips, organizations promoting European collaboration, theatre companies etc. The exhibition also hosts a conference where you can listen to several speakers.

I visited some friends at the Microsoft stand where I saw a preview of a handy tool which will become available to teachers soon. In fact it was a set of clickable tools, rubricated according to 21st Century skills. Some of the tools, like Windows MovieMaker are already well known, but I bet every teacher will find a nice surprise in the set. This Learning Suite will be launched soon.



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