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Ostend is the most cosmopolitan city of the Belgian coast line. It overlooks the sea .. and the rest of the world.

I was here today to give a workshop on ICT integration at the Teachers Day of the Vesaliusinstituut. 19 teachers enrolled for my hands on session. In my introduction we discussed the several parameters you face when you want to involve ICT in your lessons.

One of the parameters is the infrastructure and internet connection. In many schools it is the ICT coordinator with his pedagogical policy who decides about programmes installed on computers, limitations of all sorts liked blocked websites or the right to install or even run small applications. According to me, headmasters must organize a round table and discuss with teachers and ICT coordinators how money for ICT should be spent for the best and listen to the real needs of the teachers regarding infrastructure and training.

I must say I was confronted with these technical parameters today… as well as another parameter concerning the difference in ICT level of the learners. Some of the teachers were very skilled and others were not into ICT at all. I have learned over the years to turn the disadvantage of a heterogeneous group into a benefit. ICT skilled students and teachers play an important role in ICT integration and they should be attributed the role of facilitator. And then, of course, you need some teachers and a headmaster with a cosmopolitan vision to stimulate changes at school.

So I was very glad to have been invited by the school in Ostend. I got some nice feedback as well, of a very nice, enthusiastic group of teachers, willing to learn.

Yes, the parameter of passion is the most important one.


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